その姿、まさに龍門の滝を昇る鯉である。一 瞬を捉えた「静」は次の「躍動」を予見させ剛柔なる錦鯉は神気を纏って龍と化す─目に見えぬ魂がしなやかに脈動する「鯉昇流」。幾人もの造形師たちの粋と技が集結した、世界限定15体の陶製オブジェがここに誕生。


A “rising KOI”to which life was blown in by sculptors with utmost care
As these supreme items require much time and efforts, only 15 limited items will be sold in the world
Advanced order required. First come first served basis. Sales will be terminated as soon as 15 items are sold out






Elegant KOI, art of Ukiyo-e and refinement of the dry landscape
In addition, by merging the traditional beauty
of Hakata Dolls with over 400 years of history,
materialized a “Japanese beauty” never witnessed before
Its silhouette is like a graceful beauty in Kimono in Ukiyo-e
One look at this lustrous,vibrant and
endearing image will cause your heart to tremble



Ultimate  sculpture  by 2 MAJOR MAESTROS

Keiji Iwakura, who is active in the West as well as in Japan,
has modeled the dynamic carp with his unique vision and sensitivity as a sculptor.
Yasunori Ono, an acclaimed traditional craftsman,
who has won number of awards including the Prime Minister’s Award, added the final touches to it.
While keeping the delicate forms, the models were sublimed into the world of clay to be finished as ceramic artworks.


Model Sculptor KEIJI  IWAKURA

フィギュア原型師、岩倉 圭二

Started career as a model sculpture in 1994. Made various original figure models of famous animation characters in Japan such as One Piece, Dragon Ball, Jojo’s bizarre adventure, Naruto to name a few.
Outside of Japan, also made original figure models of Batman, Mutant Turtles, FC Barcelona official figure models, Pirates of the Caribbean etc. More than 100 models have been commercialized.

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伝統工芸士、小野 保德

Traditional  Craftsmen YASUNORI ONO

In 1964, became a disciple of Hakata Doll craftsman, Minoru Nakamura, at the age of 15.
Established an independent doll studio in 1973. Awarded the Minister of International Trade and Industry Prize in 1980. In the same year, was nominated as the director of Hakata Doll Commercial and Industrial Union with term of 4 years. Upon completion of his terms, was certified as a traditional craftsman by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Awarded the Prime Minister’s Award in 1990. Also awarded the Director of Kyushu Trade and Industry Bureau Award, Ministry of International Trade Customers Goods Industries Bureau Award, Hakata Doll Commercial and Industrial Union Award to name a few.




One and only RISING KOI in the world


Painted-to-order to add final touches and to complete as your one and only “rising KOI”
Osamu Murata, an exclusive color craftsman, will regenerate your beloved KOI you are raising with affection,
or the KOI of your dreams, or the KOI in your fondest memories.

for SALE $13,200(USD)



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